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Elegant Themes offers one of the best values online today. With a wide range of quality themes and a price point of $39, you simply can’t go wrong. You receive unlimited access to 75+ wordpress premium themes that can help you do anything online. Whether it’s starting an ecommerce store or putting up a personal blog, Elegant Themes offers the theme for you.

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Rebate: 20% Cash Rebate on Developer Package

Code:20% Cash Rebate on Developer Package

Expiration Date:Never

How it works:

  1. If you ever visited the Elegant Themes website before visiting wpcoupon.net, this step is critical to getting your rebate. Clear your cache, cookies and history in your internet browser.  You must then go to a Proxy Server service. There are many that are free online such as – http://hidemyass.com/. You then visit – wpcoupon.net through the proxy server, click on the rebate and complete your purchase on elegantthemes.com. The reason, this must be done is that Elegant Themes will not give me affiliate credit if the IP address from which you are visiting has never visited elegantthemes.com before clicking through from my site. This cash rebate is only available if my affiliate link gets credit for your purchase of the Developer Package. This rebate is not available for the Personal package.
  2. Click on the 20% Cash Rebate link above and place your Developer Package purchase on http://elegantthemes.com.  The Developer package is $89, and you will receive a rebate of $17.80.
  3. Once you complete purchase, email Sam at . Send your order confirmation & Paypal email address
  4. Once you place your order, Elegant Themes holds my commission funds for the 30 Day money back guarantee.
  5. Once the commission hold period is completed, I guarantee that I will send you the $17.80 cash rebate to the paypal email address the following day.

How can I Provide a 20% Cash Rebate on Elegant Themes?

I am an affiliate of Elegant Themes and get paid a commission when people purchase an Elegant Theme after clicking on my affiliate link above.  My monthly income comes from affiliate sales like this one.  I create cash back rebates to help you and help me make a living.  You do have to trust me a bit, but you don’t have anything to lose and I guarantee to send you your rebate if you don’t return in 30 days.

I send this rebate 100% of the time.  If you have any questions, email me at  and I will respond the next day.