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Not many WordPress hosts offer unlimited email accounts and a free domain name with their monthly service plans, but HostMonster does. In addition, WordPress bloggers will enjoy unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Installation and configuration of the blog is quick and easy using simple one click setup through cPanel. Clients will also love their 100% US-based support when they need help with their WordPress site.

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Hostmonster Hosting Review

We chose Hostmonster as a test platform for a Wordpress blog, aiming to find out if this CMS is as easy to use as we've heard. We decided to be very meticulous with our testing, and thus we choose our host very carefully. The host we decided upon, after much deliberation, was Hostmonster.

In our reliability testing, we did not experience any downtime. Our ping testing resulted in an average of 76 milliseconds from our test computer in Texas. Our bandwidth testing managed a sustained 17.6 megabits per second of download speed. Our uploads cruised along as fast as our upstream could supply data. Major points for Hostmonster as far as speed and reliability go.

Now that we knew that we had chosen a sturdy server on which to operate our blog, we got started with Wordpress. This blogging software is famous for its flexibility, ease of use and willingness to run on a wide range of server hardware and software configurations.

Our experiences in initial setup were very positive. Using the CPanel software, we were able to install Wordpress and have it up and running within five minutes. We spent most of our time getting the blog set up just how we wanted it. The actual installation took just one click. Configuring WordPress was just as we expected on any other hosting platform. We encountered none of the pesky problems with SQL and PHP errors that we did on some of our other tested hosts. We were especially taken aback by how easy it was to use Wordpress' automatic upgrade feature. To be on the safe side, we did a database backup. However, our fears were unfounded. The upgrade was done in moments and it even offered to upgrade our plugins along with the main installation.

Hostmonster's blog hosting services proved to supply substantial value for the speed and storage capacity we got for our money. We settled on the Unlimited hosting plan so that we'd have as much room to grow as possible. As we keep adding content, there appear to be no caps in sight. Bravo, Hostmonter!