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WordPress is modifiable through thousands of plugins, but Pretty Link Pro is a better option when it comes to link management on a domain or server. This simple plugin offers the ability to shrink, cloak, track, organize and test all links associated with one’s website. The interface is intuitive and the results are phenomenal, which is what makes Pretty Link Pro a top choice in managing links.

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PrettyLinkPro Review

A Better Link Manager

A link cloaker can be a great tool for marketing and brandizing a website by offering simple and consistent internet addresses for any associated content. Pretty Link Pro can not only shorten internal content links to an easy to share size, but it also offers the ability to transform external links into an address form that gives the impression that the content is still located on the same website. This gives one the ability to control the impression created by links on one's website for uniformity and simplicity.

Pretty Link Pro works seamlessly with Wordpress admin to give one the ability to easily manage all associated external links from a single location. In addition, Pretty Link Pro has the option to transform one's keywords to associated links in seconds. The advantage here is that websites that are monetized through affiliated linking can now be efficiently transformed to maximize workflow.

For continued linking efficiency, Pretty Link Pro can also routinely send links to Twitter accounts when one's website is updated to help push traffic to the site with minimal effort. Of course, Pretty Link Pro also includes the ability to add a Tweet badge with a tweet counter and other social media buttons. That kind of immediate access to social networks and feedback is what makes Pretty Link Pro's gamut of functionality indispensible to those seeking to increase productivity and marketing efforts.

The customer service support associated with Pretty Link Pro goes beyond the usual offerings of most Wordpress plugins. Purchasing Pretty Link Pro entitles one to a lifetime of free updates and fixes. In addition, the creators of Pretty Link Pro are so confident that this plugin will dramatically improve one's productivity and link profitability that they offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days after purchase.

The maintenance of a website is hard enough without the burden of constantly trying to keep external links under control, but Pretty Link Pro provides a streamlined solution to link automation and maintenance.