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Theme Trust offers a number of easy to use and simple, yet beautiful WordPress themes. Since all Theme Trust WordPress themes are sold through the GPL or GNU Public License, all themes purchased from Theme Trust can be used for either a business or personal website without any additional charge. All Theme Trust themes have custom options and widgets, allowing you to fully personalize your WordPress blog.

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Theme Trust Review

Theme Trust is a excellent source for professional premium WordPress themes. The list of themes available through the site includes the minimalistic stylings of the Hero theme, the eye-catching Quantum theme and more than 10 other choices. Each theme is optimized for ease of use, simple installation and robust performance. Best of all, all Theme Trust WordPress themes are under GPL licensing. This means one purchase allows you to use your favorite theme on as many WordPress sites as you wish.

The Benefits of Using WordPress Themes

Web design is an expensive venture for any business. Customizing layouts, creating graphics and organizing content can cost thousands of dollars. While all of this is in development, your website is collecting dust and earning nothing for your business.

By using premium WordPress themes from Theme Trust, you can have your business website up and running in a matter of minutes. Each theme offers plenty of customization options to give your site a professional look without the hours of coding or expensive design bills. This allows you to focus on the most important aspect of the site — your business.

Why Choose Theme Trust?

A major benefit to Theme Trust WordPress themes is access to theme updates and new selections. WordPress is always changing. Whether these updates are security patches, feature enhancements or optimizations, these updates can potentially break your WordPress theme. By obtaining your theme from Theme Trust, you can always count on fast, professional theme updates when big updates to the WordPress platform occur. This means less downtime, an improved user experience and increased revenue.

Should you ever encounter an issue, every theme purchased through Theme Trust includes lifetime access to support and updates. With an extensive knowledge base and forum, you have personal access to the theme designers and support team. In many cases, your support request will be answered in just minutes. This level of support is crucial for any business owner. After all, if customers cannot view your site, you are losing money.